Hannah Huber, PhD

Adjunct Professor of English

Digital Technology Leader and Project Administrator, Center for Southern Studies

University of the South

Associate Editor, Studies in American Naturalism

I teach classes in U.S. literature, textual studies, and digital humanities. As the administrator and digital humanities specialist for the Center for Southern Studies, I advise faculty on how to use dh tools in teaching and research, help manage dh projects in southern studies, and attend to the day-to-day administration of the Center. I received my PhD in English from the University of South Carolina and served as the postdoctoral research associate for the Digital Humanities Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago where I worked as a consultant on dh projects, organized the inaugural dh conference on campus, and conducted my own literary studies and dh scholarship. My book and digital companion, Sleep Fictions: Rest and Its Deprivations in Progressive-Era Literature, is in production with the University of Illinois Press’s Topics in the Digital Humanities series (2023).

Specialties and research interests:

  • Digital humanities and critical digital humanities
  • 19th- and early 20th-century U.S. literary and cultural studies, including:
    • Critical race and ethnic studies
    • Medical humanities, medicine and literature, and critical sleep studies
    • Southern studies
    • U.S. literary naturalism
    • Women’s and gender studies